Besides the classical areas of consulting which have already been set out we have established particular expertise in niche areas which have taken on great importance for clients.

1. General areas of advice

  1. Tax advice and evaluations of wills and contracts of inheritance
  2. Tax advice on prenuptial agreements
  3. Tax advice and evaluation of anticipated succession and gifts
  4. Taking over the execution of a will
  5. Relocation planning

2. Successors for company ownership

  1. Conception and realisation of successors for company ownership
  2. Advice on family rules to ensure the cross-generational existence of company ownership
  3. Use of foundations as an instrument for successor planning (in particular non-profit foundations and family foundations including corporations)
  4. Advice with leadership and successor personnel problems
  5. Advice on sales of companies, management buy-out and management buy-in models including the corresponding evaluation assessments and financing models
  6. Evaluation of companies and individual assets occasioned by inheritance / gifts subject to tax

3. Successors for private assets

  1. Asset successor planning for private assets
  2. Use of family pools as an instrument in successor planning
  3. Advice on asset protection concepts
  4. Assistance with inheritance disputes

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