The auditing is carried out by individually assembled auditing teams who have a relationship to the industry. We set great store by the exchange of results which accompanies the audit and finding suggestions for improvement. Only in this way can we offer extra value from the audit from the respective clients.

  1. Legal and voluntary auditing of the annual statement of account as per the German Commercial Code and IFRS
  2. Auditing review of accounts as per the German Commercial Code and IFRS
  3. Auditing of public companies / owner-operated companies
  4. Audits under the Law on Budgetary Procedures
  5. Audits of non-profit institutions / foundations
  6. Audit of proper payment of licence fees (Dual System Deutschland DSD, Interseroh ISD)
  7. Auditing under the German Act on Real Estate Agents and Commercial Contractors (MaBV)

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