Medium-sized companies – in particular family companies – differ from other companies through their proximity of the owner to the company and to the employees, the orientation towards the long term and also sustainability and the high level of flexibility. Many medium-sized companies are world leaders in their field. The overriding aim of a medium-sized company consists of maintaining the security of the company across many generations.

We have been advising medium-sized and owner-run companies for more than 75 years and believe that we know the special requirements of owners of medium-sized businesses and are able to offer the correct and suitable selection of services and the desired customer service. We are ourselves a medium-sized company and managed by a partnership. Our advice aimed at towards consistency and the creation of concrete, flexible approaches to solutions as well as the particular closeness to our clients.

The themes in medium-sized businesses are so diverse, just as our approach to consulting is: business tax reform and the choice of form of organisation, accounting law modernisation, internationalisation and growth, outsourcing, financing and arrangements for successors and complicated topics regarding successors, which require an experienced partner who thinks in an entrepreneurial way.

We are active in consulting in numerous industries. We are more intensively familiar with a series of industries due to many years of experience. Particular industry focuses are the areas of construction and property, textiles, media and publishing, mechanical and plant engineering, recycling and disposal, medicine and pharmacy, chemistry, trade and consumer goods, and freelancers.

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